My Approach

I specialise in Horse or Equine Photography.  Either individual or multiple horse portraits or, as is more common, a combination of owner and horse photographs that capture that unique bond between the two of you.

It is almost impossible to describe in words the special relationship we have with our horses; the friendship and the memories that we experience. My job, as an Equine Photographer, is to work with you and your horse(s) to capture that intimate bond that you share, producing images that show the trust and friendship between you.

Anything goes, from jeans, to jodhpurs or even ball gowns, black tie and wedding dresses. One outfit or several, whatever you feel comfortable with.

Whilst I do photograph the odd event such as Polo, Racing, Eventing or Dressage, etc.  I specialise in capturing the owner / horse relationship.  Beautiful fine art images with spectacular backgrounds or skies are my trademark photographs, but my shoots will include a variety of other images as well.   In fact, there's no pressure from me on a photo- shoot, we just go with the flow.  I do work hard to produce an image that combines the subject with the best possible light and setting. How we finally choose to present the finished product is hugely important to me. It transforms a still image into a piece of art and I really enjoy working with my clients to create pieces that are perfect for them.