How many horses will you shoot? 

On a typical 2-hour shoot I would expect to work with only one or maybe two horses.  So, if you want portraits of more than this you will need to book me for a longer photoshoot.  I would recommend a 4 hour or half day shoot to ensure we have sufficient time to fully capture some amazing photographs.

What is the best time for a photo-shoot?

Photographically I would always recommend the “Golden Hour” (the last hour before sunset) as the best time to photograph.  However, this may not suit the temperament of your horse or your stable routine.  So, I will fit in with you.  We can discuss what sort of photographs you are after beforehand and this will influence what time we shoot.  For example, sunset beach shoots are clearly limited to a particular time but a beautiful moody, foreboding dark cloud portrait is dependent on the weather rather than time.  If we are doing a studio portrait type shot with a synthetic backdrop, then we tend to do this under cover in an indoor barn or riding school, so the time of day doesn’t really matter.

Should my horse be washed and groomed before the shoot?

You want me to capture the character of your horse.  So, this is entirely up to you.  However, you and your horse will look their best if they have been washed and groomed.  A light sheen on their coat looks great and please don’t forget some attention on the owner (you!).  A bit of self-grooming and a smart outfit will provide far better results.  I regularly work with a groom and outstanding make-up and hair artist who can accompany me if required.  Styling a shoot really does make it a great experience and delivers some of the best photographs.