Fine Art Equine photography across the UK

It is almost impossible to describe in words the special relationship we have with our horses; the friendship and the memories that we share. My job is to work with you and your horse(s) to capture the intimate bond that you share, producing images that show the trust and friendship you have.

Beautiful fine art images with spectacular backgrounds or skies are my trademark photographs but my shoots will include a variety of other images as well.   In fact there’s no pressure from me on an equine photography shoot, we just go with the flow, and do what feels right for you on the day.

For the shoot I will ask you to put aside a good few hours. This shoot isn’t the same as a human portrait session and greater than normal patience and understanding are key to a successful shoot! The location you choose will effect the style of the photographs and as will your horse’s attitude on the day. Most of my shoots are done near to the stable or yard, but beautiful backdrops do make for stunning images so if you have somewhere in mind do talk to me about it.

Where ever you choose as a location the first part of the shoot is ensuring your horse is comfortable with me, my camera equipment and the environment. We do this in slow time and once everyone is OK then we can progress to taking more styled and posed images.

I am passionate about what I do and want to give you something totally individual. There is no formula that I work to, we just see how it goes on the day and let each shot evolve naturally.

Anything goes, from jeans, to jodhpurs or even ball gowns, black tie and wedding dresses. One outfit or several, whatever you feel comfortable with depending on the time we have available.

I will present a slideshow of your amazing images for you to choose your favourite pictures that can be displayed in a coffee table book, on canvas or printed and framed.