Some frequently asked questions and answers

I get asked many questions and hope that I can provide some of the answers you need here. If you can’t find what you are looking for please use the contact page to get in touch.

How many photos will I get?  This depends on the how long we shoot for and I wouldn’t want to put a figure on this as there are so many dependencies.  On average though, a two hour Equine shoot will normally deliver between 20-40 good photographs.

How do I prepare for the shoot?  There are two main things that must be done to prepare for the shoot.  Your horse needs to be groomed and dressed to show him or her off to their best, and so do you.  This may mean just doing your hair and applying a bit of lippy, or it may require a full make over depending on what you are after.  It’s always a good idea to come to the shoot with a couple of variations in tack (A head collar and a bridle) and a change of clothing or jacket for yourself.  That way we can vary the photographs.

Is my yard a suitable location?  Location and backdrop are key to any shoot.  A great backdrop can make an ordinary photograph look amazing and I always look for good backdrops.  Most yards have loads of good backdrops with pastel painted stable door frames, hay bales, and corrugated iron roofing or walls to use.  In addition, your yard offers a safe and known area for your horse so they are generally relaxed and comfortable there.

Can we recreate other photos that I like? Of course, within the style of photography that I do.  If you see some images that you really like then discuss them with me before the shoot.

What happens after the shoot? After the shoot I settle down to edit the photographs.  Once this is done I will post them into a personalised on-line gallery for you, or personally present them in a slideshow to you.  You can then either order prints via the gallery or get your favourite images enlarged and framed (Depending upon your ‘Package”).  I can also produce some fantastic coffee table books of the shoot.

What if my horse misbehaves? Animals are notorious for not doing what you want them to do!  This is why I don’t put a time frame on my equine shoots as I know that some days they can go perfectly and others – well you just have to go and have a cup of tea while your best friend calms down and works it all out!  That is part of the joy of Equine photography.  I don’t generally book anything else for an Equine shoot day just in case…..!

I wanted a fantastic single image of me and my horse. Working with Tony prior to the shoot we identified a great location and worked out what I should wear. On the day of the shoot I bought three changes of clothes - mucking out kit, summer dress, and jeans. We used all three and I got a great set of photos with each that were all very different. It was so easy working with Tony who came with an very experienced assistant who new exactly how to handle my horse while Tony positioned me in the right posture and location. I was absolutely thrilled with the final photos and ended up with a number of fully framed prints.